Is there a link between talcum powder and cancer?
Carmen Scott

While studies continue to examine talcum powder and ovarian cancer, women of all ages should be aware that concerns about the possible relationship between the genital application of talcum powder and ovarian cancer are starting to gain attention. Research studies … Continue reading

Fifth Circuit soundly rules – but BP wrench-throwing continues
Joe Rice

Next week will mark eight months since claims payments through the Deepwater Horizon Settlement’s Business Economic Loss program were halted due to an October 2013 Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in which Judge Barbier was instructed to craft a … Continue reading

GM’s Decade of Delay: Why did the ignition switch recall take so long?
Jodi Westbrook Flowers

According to the Highway Safety Act of 1970, motor vehicle manufacturers must report a safety-related defect to the NHTSA—as well as to owners, purchasers and dealers—within five working days of noticing the issue. GM took more than a decade. As … Continue reading

Playing the blame game v. owning it
Joe Rice

My daughter will tell you that I have told her over and over how important it is to own her mistakes and take responsibility for her actions. This is a virtue that I hold in high regard and admire in … Continue reading

Are foreign sovereigns more protected under U.S. law than U.S. citizens?
Michael Elsner

A troubling pattern is emerging in which the U.S. government stands for the rights of foreign sovereigns in opposition to its own citizens. The latest example is Republic of Argentina v. NML Capital Ltd. which was argued before the Supreme … Continue reading

Vehicle Ignition Defect and Recall: GM needs to find the road to truth and safety
Kevin Dean

Picture this: you’re cruising down the highway, you hit a bump in the road and your vehicle stops running in the midst of traffic. Or this: one minute you’re driving down a road, riding over a pothole, and the next … Continue reading